Special Events

Action for Ancient Forests Slideshow
April 1st. 4 - 6 PM Science Theatres, rm. 130

WITNESS dramatic images of the destruction being brought upon Canada's Great Bear Rainforest along with other images of the complex web of life being destroyed by multinational corporations.

SEE images of precious ecosystems and wildlife found nowhere else in the world.

WATCH Forest Action Network activists hang banners, erect tripods, confront destroyers and basically put it on the line to protect what is left of our precious rainforests.

UNDERSTAND that your continued silence only aids in the destruction of our natural heritage.

MEET with the activists and find out what you can do to stop the destruction.

VISIT www.fanweb.org or the EcoClub bulletin board between Sciences Theatres and Social Sciences for more info.

This event is brought to you by the U of C EcoClub, with help from Sierra Youth Coalition, Calgary Rainforest Action Group, & Forest Action Network.

"Fury for the Sound: The Women of Clayoquot"
Film Presentation
Tuesday, April 6th, 1999
Murray Fraser Hall Rm. 162     7 - 10PM

Sierra Club of Canada President Elizabeth May teams up with filmmaker/activist Shelley Wine for this not-to-be missed national tour about the struggle to save Canada's precious remaining forests.

The recently completed award-winning film "Fury of the Sound: The Women of Clayoquot" is the only feature documentary chronicling the legendary grassroots movement to protect the old growth forests of west Vancouver Island. The film, first conceived by Shelley Wine while sitting in jail for committing civil disobedience at Clayoquot, has been wowing film festival audiennces across North America.

"Fury for the Sound" shows how ordinary citizens can come together to effect change. Much more than an environmental film, it is a passionate and moving call to action.

Ms. May will draw upon her recently released book, "At the Cutting Edge: the Crisis in Canada's Forests", a fascinating, exhaustively researched dissertation about the current state of Canada's forests. Ms. May's book chronicles government mismanagement, industry greed, destructive logging practices and annual cut rates that promise the destruction of our national forests.

The University of Calgary EcoClub, with support from the Students' Union and the Women's Collective and Resource Centre, have organized for this national tour to stop in Calgary on Tuesday, April 6th. The presentation will be held in room 162 of Murray Fraser Hall (formerly the Professional Faculties Building, block B) from 7-10PM. The film will be presented first followed by the discussion and the evening will be concluded with a book signing and sale organized by the U of C Bookstore. Admission is free.

The contact for the Calgary date of this national tour is Cody Torgerson and he can be contacted by phone at 220.4542 (days) or 220.1207 (nights) or by e-mail at cdtorger@ucalgary.ca for more info.

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