How to set up PPP for Macintosh

With the Calgary Community Network Association Server

Setting up a PPP account is no easy matter for some, but luckily for us Mac users it's just so easy.
You basically have to enter CCNA's name server address which is
and CCNA's IP address which is
Other information you may have to enter is your
account name
user name
CCNA's telephone access number.


Here is your step by step method.

Using FreePPP from the FrePPP Group.

1. First you must download FreePPP. Click here to download >> freeppp262.sit.hqx

     Click here for the Official FreePPP Home Page
        Why FreePPP?  I found this program much simpler to setup than PPP that came with MacOS.
         It's completely automatic and sets up so easily.

         If you don't want to set up with FreePPP, then follow this link
   Macintosh PPP on Calgary Free-Net
         for directions on how to setup PPP that came with your Mac.


2. Install FreePPP as outlined in the FreePPP instructions.

3.     After installation, Restart your computer to make sure FreePPP loads up into memory then:


    Open the telephone dialoge on the top right hand corner of your screen and click on Open FreePPP setup.

    Click on AccountsPlease see sample screen below:

    Then click on New.  Enter your new Account name (highlighed in blue).
        I've called mine Calgary Community Net.



    Click on Connect:. Select "Using Connection Script".  Please see sample screen below:

    Enter your Username in lowercase letters.  That is the name that CCNA gave you when you aquired a membership.
        It's usually 8 characters.  Eg: John Smith would be smithj .

    Enter your Password.  This is a password you selected when you aquired your CCNA membership.
        It will enter in as "*******" asterisks so that someone using your computer won't see your password.



    After this is all done you must click on edit connection script...  Please see sample screen below:

    On the first box under Do select "Wait For".  Next to this box it underneath the Text type in Login:

   On the second box select "Send".  Next to this box type in your CCNA username. Eg. smithj.

    On the third box select "Wait For".  Next to this box type ssword:

    On the fourth box select "Send".  Next to this box type in  \P"prompt" .
        This is to ensure that no one can see your password.
        This prompt uses whatever password you entered in the Password box under Account.

    On the fifth box select "Wait For". Next to this box type in  PPP:  .

    On on the sixth box select "Send". Next to this box type in 2 .

   On the seventh box select "Wait For". Next to this box type lirp .

    After this is all finished click on "OK".



     This will bring you back to the Accounts dialog box with the Account/Dialup/Options.

     Click on " Dialup" Please see sample screen below:

     Under "Main Menu" enter CCNA's area code: 403 and telephone number : 289-9378




      Click on "Options".  Please see sample screen below:

      Enter under Primary DNS  -

      Click on button  IP Address: Assigned by PPP Server.

 Open the TCP/IP panel through the Control Panel or through FreePPP.  Please see sample screen below:


        In the "Connect via :" dialoge box select "FreePPP".

        In the "Configure: " dialoge box select "Using PPP Server".

        Enter in the "Name server addr.:" type in which is Calgary Community Nets server  name.
            Don't try to enter the IP address. It is automatically  entered above.



That's it.  Your Mac should now be configured to log onto CCNA automatically.
The Modem and Home dialog boxes should be configured as per your setup.

If you have any trouble with this page or information please email the  MAC Contact

This page last modified August 4, 2000