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Survivor's Addresses

Welcome to the newest section of the Assault Survivor's Special Interest Group. This link is special in that, as survivors, we need to be able to reach out to others who have experienced the same traumas. Below will be a list of E-Mail addresses from survivors who wish to write to other survivors.
I have also been granted a group-email address that survivors can use on a wider/larger scale to talk about issues/problems and get the who group involved instead of one or two people. I need at least 5 people who would be active within the group before I could be able to have the address activated by the heads of the CalCNA.
If you would like to add your name to this listing...
E-mail me at
In the subject line, please enter this..."AS sig List".
If you want to be added to the group-mail, enter "AS sig Group".
Both would be "AS sig List/Group"
To be taken off of either list, put an "Un" in front of the list type.

Survivor's E-Mail Addresses