Assault Survivors SIG: Objective
Assault Survivors SIG

Welcome to the Assault Survivors Special Interest Group.
The goal or objective of this website is to give you a little archive of reference materials, helpful weblinks and even a few IRC/mIRC "live" chat addresses for those who would like to interact "actively".
This site deals with several different types of abuse:
Mental, physical, sexual and verbal abuse are covered here. Some may not have as many links or books to be refered to. I will, as the maintainer of this page, do my best to create a moderate size database of information from 1998 back to 1995.
Please bear with me as I add new books (and update weblinks chat room addresses).
As time has not been on my side with updating my other page, I have only been able to publish what you see so far. Over the next month, this page will be "fleshed out" and should be fairly complete in all ways.

There is also an image created by myself on the main page. I hope you like it.