Assault Survivors SIG: The Book Shelf
Assault Survivors SIG
The Book Shelf
September 25, 1999

These are the catagories I have found so far and related books dating back to 1990...

Sexual Abuse
Child Abuse
Elder Abuse

Books on Sexual Abuse

"Woman Survivors of Childhood Sexual Abuse"
By: Judy Chew
Year: 1998

"Reach for the Rainbow"
By: Lynne D Finney
Year: 1992

"Adults Anonymous Molested as Children"
By: Bob U.
Year: 1991

"Becoming Whole Again"
By: Vera Gallagher
Year: 1991

"The Sexual Healing Journey"
By: Wendy Maltz
Year: 1991

"Negatives Into Positives"
By: Joy McWilliams
Year: 1990

Books on Child Abuse

"Child Abuse: Opposing Views"
Edited By: Jennifer Hurley
Year: 1999
"The Battered Child"
Edited By: Edna Helfer, Ruth S. Kempe & Richard D. Krugmen
Year: 1997

"Family Violence"
By: Debra Goldentyre
Year: 1995

"In Their Own Words"
By: Lulie Munson
Year: 1995

"Domestic Violence: No Longer Behind the Curtains"
Edited By: Alison B. Landes, Mark A. Siegel & Carol D. Foster
Year: 1993

"Family Violence: Prevention and Treatment"
Edited By: Robert L. Hampton and ...
Year: 1993

"Child Abuse Errors: When Good Intentions go Too Far"
By: Dennis Howitt
Year: 1992

Books on Elder Abuse

"Golden Years - Hidden Fears: Elder Abuse"
By: Virginia J. Boyack
Year: 1997

"Elder Abuse in Perspective"
Edited By: Simon Biggs, Chris Phillipson and Paul Kingston
Year: 1995

"Elder Abuse: A Practical Handbook for Service Professionals"
By: Ontario Association of Professional Social Workers
Year: 1992

"Elder Abuse and Neglect in Canada"
Edited By: P. Lynn McDonald and ...
Year: 1991

"A Handbook for the Prevention of Family Voilence 1990: Elder Abuse"
By: Health and Welfare Canada
Year: 1990